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Ladybug Pretzels

chocolate bowls...instructions included

This year brought even more members of Generation Z into the kitchen. Exposed at an earlier age to more flavors and variety, they are bringing an increased amount of creativity to dishes they create. Simple, everyday foods are dressed up with unique touches – not only from a flavor perspective, but also aesthetically – and [...]

Cute and Yummy dog sandwiches

Nibbles by Nic | Spring Bumble Bees

Touchdown! 10 Football Themed Treats and Eats | Spoonful

Snow Day Ice Cream

teddy bear toast

Ingredients Candy Eyes balls Package of Green Candy Melts or white chips with green food coloring Oreo Cookies Pretzels Red Candy for your tongue Green Sprinkles Directions Melt the chocolate following the directions of the bag. Cover the pretzels and oreos in the chocolate. Place pretzels together( bottoms side by side) Place oreo cookie on top of pretzels. Place the tongue, eyes and sprinkles on the cookie!

25 School Lunch Ideas Gallery

Easy King Cake Knots | Plain Chicken

Good for You 'Candy' Cane by makedoandfriend #Kids #Healthy_Snacks #Candy_Cane

Old-Fashioned Orange Sherbet You can do this in an ice cream maker or trays in your freezer. yes!

Squirmy Jelly Worms Recipe {Fun Snack For Kids}

Apple/Grape Cars for lunch

I am SO making these! My kids will love them!

Mississippi Kitchen: Dirt Cake

pirate party party-stuff-pirate-party

Orange Butterflies

Love this idea!

Apple slices dipped in pancake batter & cooked on the griddle with cinnamon & nutmeg. a much healthier way to get a pancake fix!