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    interior plan for a tiny house, to be built on an 8 x 20 trailer

    3D Renders of a design I dreamt up yesterday! — The Tiny Tack House

    love the style of this one best. Floor-plan is there also.

    Awesome tiny houses designs and ideas for every homesteaders! |

    He, his girlfriend Anjali and their dog Anya moved into the tiny house that he built.

    Austin Tiny House interior

    Colin's tiny house on wheels, Tiny House Blog.

    Cool Tiny House Plan

    A sleek place--much prefer the stairs to a loft over a ladder for myself. tiny house ideas - bathroom behind kitchen. Stairs to loft bedroom.

    Daydream (Green) stairs in a Beacon Hill townhouse.

    Tiny house with built in stairs/storage underneath. I like this because it's a loft bedroom, but with more separation and proper stairs. AND the only space that is "wasted" is the frost 3 or maybe 4 steps. The remaining under stairs space makes really great storage, and with the bathroom on the other side some of that area could open into the bath and some into the kitchen.

    office space (utility closet), Move bed over, extend porch, and add balcony instead of second loft/fire escape

    lovebug2 tiny house couples floor plan - Tiny House Design how to's

    Cool tiny house.

    Tiny House Floor Plans Blueprint - Construction PDF For Sale | The Tiny Project | Mini Houses. More Life.

    Tiny House

    Solar Shingles for Tiny Houses? Yes, these are being produced! Click through for more info. | Tiny House

    500-square-foot Small House with an amazing floor plan that is quite "spacious" in design and comfort

    Tiny houses design & ideas , awesome houses that will make us swoon. |

    Spaces that seem small to even the most urban residents in the united states are sometimes spacious compared to those found in the crowded centers of major Japanese and Chinese cities. This elegant cube is the ultimate in well-balanced living – a space-saving design that still offers multiple rooms and peace of mind. The tiny unit has a study with a desk and file cabinet, a staircase with built-in storage, a book with bookshelves and a meditation zone on its second level. Size: 53 sq ft.