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Africa | An upper body profile portrait of a Mandari youth with elaborate beaded hair ornaments tied into the hair, as well as a band of beads across the forehead and under the chin. Bahr el Jebel Tali, Southern Sudan | Photo taken by Jean Carlie Buxton, 1950 - 1952

Bahr el Jebel Safari on

Africa | "Prince Mutudzi du Ruanda". ca. 1925 || Vintage postcard; publisher Leopold Gabriel à Panda (Katanga). Photographer Zagourski. No. does not look like it would be a good idea to get on his bad side. Umhn.

Africa | Upper body portrait of a Shilluk man with elaborate coiffure and neck ornaments.. Southern Sudan, Upper Nile; possibly near Malakal. | ca. 1939 || Wilfred Patrick Thesiger collection

Africa | Four Mandari men wearing a large number of strings of rem beads and holding spears. Bahr el Jebal, Southern Sudan. ca. early to mid 1950s | ©Jean Carlile Buxton / Pit River Museum

Africa | Portrait of a Shilluk youth with dotted facial scars and sculpted hair. Southern Sudan. | ca. 1947 - 1951 || Photographer Godfrey Lienhardt / Ronald Godfrey Lienhardt collection

Africa | Well off local woman sitting in front of a cottage. 1928 | ©Major R. Høier / National Museum of Denmark || Given other photos within the collection, possibly taken in Rwanda