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Africa | Mat from Belize, near Buco-Zau, Angola | Plant fiber and dye | ca. 1951

Africa | Thumb piano from the Runtu Camp, Okavango Delta, Southwest Africa | Wood, metal, pitch | Possibly Sambu people | ca. 1954

Africa | Rare tobacco pipe from the Sotho people of South Africa. The bowl is carved in the shape of a female torso, with the head acting as the plug / stopper.. | Wood. glass beads, fiber

Botswana | Compact with powder puff from the Kung Bushman from Western Ngamiland/Dobe | Tortoise shell, ostrich shell beads, fur, powder, leather, seeds and cord. | ca. 1971

Africa | A beaded mat from the Ndebele peoples of South Africa | Vegetal fibers, glass beads and cotton threads | Mid 20th century |

Africa | Vessel with stopper from the Runtu Camp, Okavango Delta, Southwest Africa | Gourd, plant fiber, wood and cord | Possibly Sambu or Mbundu people | ca. 1954

Africa | Vessel from the Tonga or Shona people of Zimbabwe | Earthenware Ceramic, Woven Cane, Fiber, Bark | Early 20th century

Africa | Vessel from Angola | Gourd / calabash; stem cut off leaving hole mouth. Blackened hatched and cross-hatched bands with straight and curved edges around mouth and upper body and band of inscription below: Misa dausili de 1930 Bea Ka Va Sa.

Africa | Vessel from Angola | Gourd / calabash; upper part checkerboard and flower like ornament, below grotesque human figures in blackened scratched technique. Corn cob stopper.

Africa | Ancestral couple from the Yao people of Malawi | Wood; reddish brown patina || Source;