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make make make make

just learned how to do intarsia. this is unexpected design for a technique often reserved for cupcakes and reindeer.

must DIY. twisted chiffon, hardware store findings, maybe die some of my fabric tape

hellooo DIY

left: weaving, fabric, drape

rather simple to DIY

mon dieu, this hairband!

need to stop thinking about making floral pompom crowns and actually DO IT!

right, beautiful capelet.

borderless.. lovelovelove

granny ripple!!!

love the colours, love the drop loop stitches, wish i knew exactly what the hell this is.

use up stash material

to make-sheer split shift

hello cuteness. firework boutineer!

gah! scrap fabric

textile work - dye gradient, ripped fabric strips


in love with Tavi's outfit