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FREE download from Teachers Pay Teachers. 75 QR codes to say "Good Job" a little bit differently. Perfect to put on stickers and to share with students:

from Teachers Pay Teachers

For the Love of Technology Lesson

For the Love of Technology Lesson These videos are suitable for most grade levels and are designed to spark curiosity and discussion. One thing I have found in my ten years of teaching is that kids love seeing videos about new gadgets and technology related stuff. * Show one of these dynamic videos at the beginning of class to grab student attention and promote discussion.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Reading Grade 1 Sight Words - Powerpoint for Independent Practice

This interactive Powerpoint will allow your students to independently practice reading Kindergarten and Grade 1 high frequency words starting with the most basic ones such as "the" or "and" and by the end moving on to words such as "does" and "couldn't". It contains 135 slides (116 individual high frequency word slides and 19 sentences slides), all with audio for the students to listen to after they have read a word or sentence, allowing them to self-correct mistakes.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Keyboard Shortcuts for PC

Teaching Technology - PC Keyboard Shortcuts I have not thought about teaching shortcuts but maybe my 3rd graders could do it and like it? This visual would greatly help!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Editable Interactive activities to check understanding: for any subject