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    Introduction to Integers

    The integer is an important part of daily math. Help your fourth grader learn integers and the concept of positive and negative numbers.
    • Taylor Wilson

      Fourth Grade Algebra & Functions Worksheets: Introduction to Integers

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    Great idea: "The kids add a sticker every time they get a 100% on their spelling tests. As you can see from the sticker chart, we went from less that 50% of the kids achieving a 100% to almost 100% once we started keeping track of the data! The other charts consist of Excel graphs made up of various pieces of classroom data. The post-it notes on the graphs are the students "thinking" in regards to the data. This wall became a great motivational tool for my fifth graders!"

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    Opus helps #middle_school #math teachers discover sample math problems aligned to #Common_Core standards. To find problems on Opus search by entering a topic and selecting a grade. You can also find problems by clicking the browse the Core directly link on the Opus homepage. Either way when you find a problem you can save it to your free Opus account where you can then generate a Word doc or Google Document of all of your saved problems. You can also create an answer sheet in your account.

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    Another Pinner Wrote: Grades 7-8, Middle School, Pre-Algebra bulletin board. "UP" theme. Highlighting all students who achieve one of the top 2 scores on each chapter test, Names stay up all year, This year I am writing them on balloons. They really push themselves to see their name up on the board all year long.

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