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Worksheets: Introduction to Integers

Integers - Worksheets

Integers on a Number Line (FREE Worksheet)

Integers worksheets $5.00

Integer indulgence indeed; 84 pages of materials that provide a unique, entertaining, and efficient way to teach EVERYTHING related to integers. Ideal for any pre-algebra or algebra course! Mr. Number Line, despite his wide head and infinite supply of teeth, teams up with Integer Poetry and other proven teaching methods in a series of warm-up problems, exploration activities, and associated worksheets that ensure students learn and retain integer concepts!

Integers with Exponents and Parentheses

Integer Football - a great activity to get your students engaged and enthusiastic about adding and subtracting integers.

This is a FREE 30 question Adding Integers worksheet with answer key. The integers range from -50 to 50....

FREE adding integers worksheet for partners

Arranging Order of Integers Worksheets

There are 18 Differentiated Integers Worksheets in this Integers Worksheet Bundle. The bundle has 6 Topics with 3 Differentiated Worksheets for each of topics. With 3 different levels, you can differentiate by student or by class.

This is a FREE 30 question Subtracting Integers worksheet with answer key. The integers range from -50 to 50....

Free Math Worksheet -- Ordering Integers on a Number Line (E)

-Introduction to Integers- (playlist)

This is an introduction to multiplying two binomials using the Distributive Property and FOIL (First, Outer, Inner, Last) Method. There is also an ...

Introduction to Integers Interactive Notebook Pages & Activities

This is a great introduction lesson to rotations on a coordinate plane. It helps students discover the rules for a 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation....

Tons of freebies on this site and video intros as well....great place for coordinates, inequalities, and integers

Worksheets: How to Make a Box and Whisker Plot