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    Terra cotta toy boat from Harappa. Such toys may have been used by children. Harappa Archaeological Research Project.

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A collection of seals and tablets from a single house along the main street leading to the southern gateway of Mound E at Harappa. The association of these different types of objects together in one house show that some people, possibly merchants, were using a wide variety of inscribed objects. Harappa Archaeological Research Project.

Seals from Harappa, Punjab, Pakistan. Archaeological site, Indus Valley Civilization

Unicorn seal Harappa found on the floor of Room before conservation.

Harappan Seal, "Antelopes with inscription," ca. 2600-1900 BC, Indus Valley Civilization, present-day Pakistan.

Indus-Harappan Seal. Much conjecture exists as to who the man is. This is the classic pose of the masters of the Jain religion; naked standing with arms and legs not touching the body. Jainism predates the Vedas, Hinduism and Buddhism. Yet the Vedas do mention the Jain masters.

Figurine from Harappa Pakistan about 2000 BCE

Terracotta bangle fragments Harappa