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Sand in my Eyes: Sudanese Moments von Enikö Nagy,

The Clever Sheikh of the Butana and Other Stories: Sudanese Folk Tales

Sudanese wedding henna

Hadendoa Warrior, Sudan - Peter Thornborough


dust storm Sudan

My photo of the entrance to Papa Costa in Khartoum. A great coffee shop. I miss this place!

A set of traditional water jugs at a rest stop between Khartoum and Karima, Sudan.

Africa Baobab Tree

Sudanese beauty

Tomb of al Mahdi

falata tribe, Sudan

Bedouins from Nuri, Sudan

Bridal henna in Sudan

Sudanese Henna

Sandalwood Bakhoor/Incense

A fanoos/lantern

Sudanese boy in traditional clothes

Sudanese bride

Bakhoor/Incense burner

Grood henna/Sudan