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Cute coaster craft

Ceramic tiles + scrapbook paper + acrylic coating = personalized coasters could use pictures or kids art or more as well

DIY Photo Tile Coasters

I've seen this done with black and white photos.with the photo transferred directly onto the tile. Make sure to SEAL coats of Krylon Acrylic Clear Coat. Must make a set of these from family photos!

Coasters I made based on Pinterest

Coasters - scrapbook paper for 50 cents and then super glue, felt for the backs and tiles from the hardware store which cost 30 cents each, then you spray them with varnish to set-super easy and inexpensive.

Tiles + Lace + Spray Paint = Coasters

You can also do this by stretching lace over a canvas and spray painting-instant wall art! (Coasters: tile, lace and spray paint)

Love this idea! Can also use photos. Would be great to make one as a place marker for each mom on the first day of Mops since they bring photos anyway. Then could make the other 3 towards the end of season to take home at the end. I like the idea for cork on the bottom instead of felt.

DIY Tile Coaster Tutorial -- Make your own coasters out of scrapbook paper. So cool! What a great Christmas gift.

Making coasters from inexpensive tile and scrapbook paper; great homemade holiday gifts!

DIY Coasters for Christmas! -

DIY Coasters with Scrapbook Paper and Mod Podge: Step-by-step Photo Tutorial: great handmade gifts or craft for kids to help with

Maybe we'd do something like this as a rehearsal dinner favor... not really sure if we're supposed to have favors then too

DIY: Coasters

DIY - Coasters--think wedding favors (can use couples monogram, a photo, scrapbook paper, wedding theme designs.

Make your own cute envelopes! http://emilysummers-designer.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/pretty-handmade-envelopes.html

Sarah Pinyan posted How to make envelopes from scrapbook paper, wallpaper samples, and other pretty paper. to her -Papercraft- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Missing ingredient in most DIY Mod Podge coasters instructions: "Envirotex" to waterproof them!! This blog explains (wonderfully) exactly how to use it!!! :) Glad I read this before I tried to make mine!

Missing ingredient in most DIY Mod Podge coasters instructions: "Envirotex" to waterproof them