Missionary Work

Only In Utah LDS Mormon (16)

LOL so true! Sometimes I do get so excited while eating mac n' cheese that I forget to breathe! ;=)

Lil' Wayne...Lotta Wayne. HILARIOUS! @Kelsey Myers Salter THOUGHT YOU MIGHT LIKE THIS) LOL

Look carefully. Then giggle to yourself.

This is so creepy. haha

hahaha! it's late, I am so tired....and I cannot stop laughing at this. Holly Kane Douglas where did you find this super funny thing!

eCards - I don't like making plans for the day, because then the word "premeditated" gets thrown around in the courtroom.

My. Mind. Is. Blown.

I have to make this!

It's ridiculous how much I laughed.


Honey, can you pick up Pizza? I've been busy pinning nutritious recipes for our family all day. OMG...I LOVE THIS!!!

Princess Bride Name Tag - this made me lmao

This made me laugh