Book Tasting Menu - book tasting idea for the library to have students broaden what they read

30 Simple Ways You Should Be Using Google | Edudemic

So you want to be a critical thinker? infographic

In Finland there a different education system that the kids enjoy more. The kids seem to be happier and therefore they enjoy school has become more productive. Their school system has more recess time no homework and other advantages could the no homework be directly related to the fact that their grades are way better. Should America follow Finland's school system, would it work here too?

The Importance of Grit in Students

When "Googling" is not enough: teaching teenagers and younger students how to dig deeper and use other resources besides Google/ Wikipedia - such as unscanned books, real people....

Quick form to help ALL teachers take notes about their students' IEPs - this would be great to incorporate into IEP Snapshots!

Great tips for Googling

Gives sites where I can make my own Infographic

Interactive student notebook

Active Learning Infographic

Make this a checklist/contract for students so there is an added layer of seriousness.

YouTube Digital Citizenship Curriculum


Google Docs CheatSheet

Free Technology for Teachers: 10 Google Search Tips All Students Can Use

Digital Research Infographic for Students. #edchat #education #study #researching

FREE downloadable poster on how to cite information from the Internet. You know they are going to do it- they may as well do it right....