I feel stupid...

35 "life changing" things to try! I've never heard of some of these!

So many different ways to use bobby pins!

Try these cute summer up-do's that will keep you cool and stylish! This would've been good t have this past week but hey! Now I'm prepared for the next one!

How to correctly insert a bobby pin

Did you know in an Emergency a Crayon will burn for 30 minutes?

Contrary to popular belief, stick your bobby pins in wavy side down. | 29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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pinned back bangs.

{ essie, bikini so teeny }

how to: topknots

store your bobby pins in an old tic tac container.

these are the lines on the face you want to conture (make darker and lighter) this is awesome!

6 ways to wear a classic regular triangle bikini top. mind blown.

Wow, I never knew how to use a Bobby pin right? Good to know tips! Now, I won't need a million Bobby Pins...

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Literally 100"s of hair tutorials... pin now look later....in about a year I will be so grateful I pinned this!

These makeup tips are tricks are perfect for girls who wear glasses!

cute summer hair.

get dolled up with our flash bobbi pins in gold glitter and cantaloupe!

Hair Brush Uses....I do the exact same thing.