The Magic Schoolbus- Going Batty

Water Cycle - Magic School Bus Storm in the Night

The Magic School Bus full episodes

Johnny Appleseed...17 minutes

Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker- Learning the Importance of Listening

The Chemistry of Snowflakes. Knowing how they form only adds to the magic!

Truly amazing back to school activities!

magic school bus water cycle

How cool would this be for the kids?

All magic school bus episodes - full length!!!

magic school bus recycling video

The Magic School Bus - Holiday Special


The Skeleton Dance-Dem Bones

First week of school: Up the Ladder, name game. This is SO CUTE

This link takes you to The Magic School Bus episode about plant growth and change. This is an excellent video for teaching the plant life cycle.

SMARTboard (ease into first day of school) "First Day of School! First Day of School!" Even high schoolers would love this!

School Bus Safety

This Magic School Bus clip would be a great transition to get students thinking about animal habitats.

The Magic E Song |