Tattoos 4&5: The kids footprints off the birth certificate to exact size. I added the names when I added the second footprint ;)

Baby Footprint Tattoos


Decided what I want for my kids' tattoo... I have to find their newborn footprints, and have them copied. One from each going up the left ribcage, instead of the tree of life w their names. :)

Tattoo Children's footprints

Kids footprints with names

My kids footprints tattoo

Footprint tattoo

Baby footprint tattoo.

Baby Footprints with kids name

footprint tattoo

tattoos with kids names | Baby Footprints With Kids Name And Dob Tattoo Picture At Hawaii

Thinking about doing something like this for the twins and the kids. Where they use the kids footprints since I have the twins too and then put each of their birthdates by their footprints. Although the twins would be their birthday date and same day as they went to Heaven.

Names & footprints (my children's footprints from the hospital). This is my favorite tattoo I have, I love my kids!

Footprints Tattoo: Footprints with the names of two of my kids and their birthdates. I will be adding my youngest son's name as soon as I find a good place to do it.

Gonna get this for sure. Footprint tattoo

Tattoo Titled My Kids Footprints Found On Tattoorackcom

I would tattoo my kids names on myself

Tattoo for kids names

Tattoo of kids names-i want to get the kids names but haven't seen anything i liked but i'm thinking something like this????????????

Love this tattoo - would be cute with kids names instead of little sister