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    i like being alone too much

    • Judith Leaden

      The truth. I know it's just an INTJ thing, but I seriously don't know if I genuinely want to share my life with someone. I've balked at the opportunity every time it has presented itself. Maybe it's just that I need to find another loner - like myself - who understands this.

    • Gaea Rindflesh

      this is what i learned the most about myself in january and february 2013. gaea likes to be alone a lot more than she thought... an introverted extrovert..

    • Edith Mercedes

      goodness, yes. yes. yes! I would've never perceived it, in the past I couldn't stand being alone, my mind was tortured; now my mind is ministered to. The only thing I want to hear is you Jesus.<3

    • Bella Barnes

      There is nothing wrong with being alone. You need to allow yourself growth, away from others. So you don't become defined by another person. Learn about yourself first. Otherwise, how are you supposed to know what you deserve in life. #life #quotes #alone #depressed

    • Lori Garis Ruth

      I Like Being Alone Too Much quote life lonely alone lifequote prefer unhealthy oantisociable

    • Kristin💖

      I like being alone too much. #truth I think I could be a hermit. That's not a good thing.

    • Sarah Shaw

      There is no such thing as being alone "too much" especially in a big, nosey family

    • Gabrielle

      You can never have too much alone time - thoughts of an introvert

    • Nicole Underthrill

      74 Lime Lane /// collecting inspiration

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