This doesn't just make me makes me roll on the floor and wipe tears from my eyes! THE AMANDA SHOW!!!

Tim Burton wants his wife dead!!! --- Johnny Depp talking about Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter on set of Dark Shadows

Totally down


I can't stop laughing....why is this so funny!?

Tooootally Kyle

I so had this!!!

90's kid hahahaha big laugh

Lol! Amanda Show meets Carly Rae. too much!

He found a box of "stickers." / DYING

I laughed so hard at this..

I LOVE HIM. "If I ever dated Taylor Swift" -Eminem

1991 baby

oh honey boo boo child…

OMG Mean Girls has a line for every life situation...: Miley Cyrus, Meangirls, Funny, Mean Girls, Harry Potter, British Man, Hair

hahahahahaha. oh the 90s.