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  • Larry Tenney

    The Great Gatsby (2013) | On the set of the Gatsby burial scene at Waverly Cemetery, Sydney, Australia.

  • Allison Earnshaw

    in the freind the disgription of Gatsbys funral it by far differnt the grave yard is in West Egg town square and Jordan is in a book store and watchs with out notice as he yet she dose not go because she knew that her big mouth would get the best of her and telling Nick aka the Dork about daisy pregnacny in which all hell would break lose between the fays and the buccacons the hatfields and the Mccoys only diffrence would be both sides were milloners and it would be a war worthy of the czar

  • Adel Epley

    Great Gatsby | The Great Gatsby film shoot | adelaidenow👄

  • Jim B.

    The Great Gatsby set at Waverley Cemetery Picture. This scene from Gatsby's funeral never made the final cut of the 2013 movie.

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The Great Gatsby (2013) | The filming of the burial scene at Waverly Cemetery, Sydney, Australia.

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The filming of the Great Gatsby in Sydney. This burial scene at Waverly Cemetery with fake rain was cut from the final film .

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