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The Doctor and Amelia Pond -Sweet_ by *TeamRAKENZAN on deviantART

This is the story of Amelia Pond and this is how it ends

Amelia Pond: The Girl Who Waited, created by crazycreamsicle on Polyvore

goodbye clara. miss ya. {gif}

  • Hannah Johnson

    Oh man when 11 said "I'm calling you from Trenzelore" my heart broke! I miss 11 :'(

  • Julia G

    Holding my feels in was a struggle. There were other people around so I had to try to act normal. Miss u to 11.

  • Hannah Johnson

    He is and always will be my Doctor.

  • Dalek Caan

    He's my doctor too. Feeeeeeeeeels!!! :...( One last Matt quote: " ten being...ahhh! I was not expecting this!!!"

  • Dalek Caan

    No wait, that quote was from 11 to Craig, if you ever need something feel free to shout. And the doctor said you mean like...and that's what he said

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One of the saddest Doctor Who moments ever.

  • Christina Mace

    but Rory was already gone at this time, of course she would have followed him anywhere. We've see time and time again that Rory comes first and she can't live with out him, so why wouldn't she face her fear and let the angel take her to him. As for why the Doctor doesn't go back and get the Ponds is that it now became a fixed point in time, and we all know what happens when the Doctor meddles with fixed points. People kill themselves to save the time stream, the Ponds get a happy ending together which is a lot better than what happened to his last companion.

THOUGHT THIS FROM THE MOMENT THIS HAPPENED. Not to mention the vortex manipulator that River is going to use to go visit them in New York... wtf Moffat.

  • Amanda Magera

    Having now had the Weeping Angels explained, I have a theory. If the Weeping Angels send people into the past and feed off their time energy, may they can't come back into the present because their time energy in the present is gone so they would just vanish?

  • Natalie Brown

    That's a good theory! ^^

A photo of Amy from each episode, beginning to end. And now I start sobbing.

Sounds good to me, Matt was the best when it came to "whimsy" Srsly adorable. Can we have sarcastic too? I want sarcasm... :)

  • Kate Fitzsimmons

    What I'm more interested in is Peter Capaldi's fanboy-ness coming out. The fact that he's keeping his natural accent? Definitely can't wait to meet 12 :D

  • Danielle Fischer

    I think because he was such a huge fanboy (as was David Tennant), I think he will be able to enrich Doctor Who. I think it's about time we've had a new accent around here!! This will

  • Danielle Fischer

    be exciting!!

  • Kate Fitzsimmons

    He's definitely going to make himself a favorite because of his experience with the series.

  • Sarah Trickey

    Each actor has added his own twist to the overall character

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This is just perfect. I don't often pay much attention to these dream cast things, but seriously.......this would be amazing.

"A Thousand Years" - the Ponds - I'm just going to go cry under my desk now.

Lol, I would just eat all your food throw a TARDIS party, try on all your clothes, redecorate, complain about rose flirting with you, teenagers and TARDIS don't go together! haha, I'm crazy today.