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You can build a tree house in your back yard as an office or extra room, or guest house or if you really love your kids a play house for them. But I am not so sure you want to waste this kind of awesomeness on kids.

Epic tree-houses for grown-ups...WOW

Just to clarify: My dream home isn't a tree house; my dream home would HAVE an awesome treehouse in the backyard.

On sleepless nights (due to asshole neighbours) I wish we'd live in a house like this,in our own,lonely Planet..)

Tree Houses, Cabins, Huts and Hide-aways not just for kids either.I want one to live in :)

I could be quite happy here...

I wanted a tree house SO badly as a kid but none of the trees in our back yard could support one. If I'm ever lucky enough to have kids, I will make sure they have a sweet tree house.

I want to shack up in here!

Ok this is amazing! An actual tree stump house! Who wouldn't want this as a secret den at the bottom of the garden! I would make it some kind of outdoor library/studio space. me and zack are finally living the hobbit dream!

Tree House, The Enchanted Wood - BBC Boracay says: " Walking like in a fairy tale book from the Grimm brothers...Wow - Amazing..."

Bob Stroody ~ Digital landscapes


For those that don't want a playhouse in their yard why not create a nest for the kids. This way you have a place for children to play and a unique piece of garden art that you get to design and create.