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mini mini horse, with an unfortunate yet charming bang trim. I think I need him on my mini farm.

Baby highland cow is so fluffy!

Pangolin. Pangolins are nocturnal animals which use their well-developed sense of smell to find insects.The long-tailed pangolin is also active by day. Other species of pangolins spend most of the daytime sleeping curled up into a ball. Arboreal pangolins

Jam Thumbprints

Animals by patricas drawing I loved. This drawing is stunning! An artistic beauty.

Northumberland farmer welcomes unseasonal arrivals as 'worlds cutest lambs' are born

Valais Black Nosed Sheep are too cute to describe, just look at this pic. If I had one I would name her Treek (after my favorite ewok).

Regardless of the species, there's just something about early infancy that's so ridiculously cute. Is it the wee size? The innocent faces? We'll let you decide. In the meantime, here are 20 baby animals that will kick your awwwws into overdrive.