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    • Mariah Domke

      I have no desire whatsoever to see magic mike but Ted? That movie was HILARIOUS! Oh go see it if you haven't yet. You'll be laughing the whole time!

    • Abbie Brackley

      It must be the first time... Guys want to see a movie about a teddy bear... And girls want to see a movie about strippers.

    • NinTails Vulpix

      Guys want see a movie about a teddy bear and girls want to see a movie about strippers. Ted and Magic Mike. Hahahaha #ted #magicmike

    • Katie Swedberg

      it must be the first time the stripper movie is a higher rated movie than the teddy bear movie...

    • Angela Russelle

      hahahaha yes. But I saw the Teddy bear movie and have yet to see Magic Mike.

    • Mandie Levesque

      so true!!! I DO NOT want to see that teddy bear movie so...

    • Sarah Brock

      So true MAGIC MIKE=SOGOODITMAKESYOU? Ted... Funny Stuff

    • Nicole Goffinet

      lol so true #movies 3ted #magicmike

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    Makes me think of stupid people in CA that cant freakin dive in the rain! SNOW...STAY OFF THE ROAD!!!

    Seriously, what is wrong with her?


    So true


    True that

    I just died laughing...

    Much of this is true! :)

    ha! ever have one of these days? we say opt for confidence (and body fat) as the best measures of your health!

    Funny sign that we can all relate with!

    Someone. Any of them, save me.

    Bahahahahahaha! TRUE STORY.

    so true



    Absolutely true.

    hahaha. So true!