Cinnamon Stick Ornament

cinnamon stick Christmas tree ornaments

tree ornament cinnamon sticks


Great tutorial

Snowman ornaments

Simple Christmas Craft: Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree.

Christmas Ornaments

I love the idea of having a Christmas ornament with their picture for every Christmas.... Simple ideas for kid's crafts- Popsicle stick and clothes pin reindeer.

Steampunk Christmas Ornament - Steampunk Ornament - Steampunk cork Ornament - Victorian Ornament This is a beautiful hand made Steampunk...

Neat ornament idea

diy ornaments

christmas ornament


Cinnamon Christmas Stars tutorial

Christmas ornaments made with cinnamon sticks and star anise. Cute and smell lovely.

Snowflake Ornament Tutorial


Cinnamon Stick Tree Christmas Ornaments

Sweet hedgehog ornament

ornaments - A Nice Touch To Hang Over The Neck of Wine your Giving As A Gift to Friend or Host of a Christmas of A Party.