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My LEGO Dimensions Obsession Continues My LEGO Dimensions Collection continues to grow. I went out and picked up all of the first year sets. The last two are sitting at Walmart awaiting my pick up. I have yet to open so many of them, I'm doing a one at a time to stretch things out and also let Andrew go and build them. He loves building them. I also received my Kickstarter rewards from the most recent campaign. I opted for the DELUX S2 MUSCLE SET which has a wicked fastback Muscle car.

I Hate to Drone On - Daily Vlog I found a Captain America Monster Jam Hot Wheels truck over at Walmart this morning. That helps in my photos of the Blogger Civil War with my buddy, Andrew. #TeamCap #TeamStark

Two Jyn Pops and The Flash Returns for Season 3 I'm a bit all over the place today. I started wanted to talk about the upcoming second season of Voltron and the teaser trailer that was released. What will happen this coming season, will Shiro survive? Then I said I wasn't going to talk much about products and I proceed to unbox a couple of pops and also show you some Play-Doh and Star Wars Rogue One Hot Wheels character cars.

Conversations in Cars with Curmudgeons - Letter Games Andrew has a flip book of letters so that he can learn the uppercase and lowercase letters while we are driving. We play a little game with the letters. He tells me the letter and I have to give him a word that starts with the letter. Sometimes he asks me what the words mean. I think I broke his world with A. My phone was securely mounted to my windshield using the XShot Mobile Phone Car Windshield Dash Mount a product that I love and…

A Pit Stop with Hot Wheels Themed Cars I have a bunch of Hot Wheels of different themes to show you today as well as an amiibo character that I thought I'd never have in my collection. I found a Daffy Duck Hot Wheels Character Car at Toys R Us and for some reason I can't find any information about the rest of the characters anywhere on the internet.

Moana Monday and some Toys To Life Arrivals I received some LEGO Dimensions packs and a Holiday Skylander today. We went to Wahlburgers for dinner before screening Disney's Moana in Boston. I also received some fun things in the mail. The Fantastic Beasts Story Pack from LEGO Dimensions and also a Jingle Bell Chompy Mage from Skylanders Imaginators. Both of which will have separate unboxing and gameplay videos made at a later date.

Multiple Unboxings amiibo, Surprise Eggs, Disney Infinity Another mish-mash of things today. I unbox and amiibo figure, Toon Link and a Disney Infinity figure, Jack Skellington. I also mention Droid Tales, a DVD of Star Wars tales done in the LEGO style. I also unbox a couple of Avengers Surprise Eggs. I also mention a giveaway that I'm doing for a JClaw Tek Fire Talon Multitool. You can go see that video at

Time to Clean the Office I've been saying since my very first vlog that I need to clean the office because my in-laws would be coming. They'll be here next week so it is time to really get this done. I spent a few hours working on the room and got a ton of things cleaned up. Now it is pretty much ready to go. I also unbox a couple of Matchbox cars and also talk about the new Mo Willems book The Thank You Book which is the 25th and last Elephant and Piggie book.

Preview of Upcoming #Unboxings & LEGO Dimensions! Many of these toys were sent to me or I got from Blogger Bash. I indicate what is what in the video. We opened LEGO Dimensions the other day. I played through the Wizard of Oz level and was hooked. This is a fun game. I wish I had opened it sooner. It has got me back playing. I even picked up three fun packs and got the fourth free at Toys R Us.

3D Animals, A Very Fluffy Kitty and Aquaman! The last half day before school gets going and we did a bunch of stuff today. Andrew and I played some LEGO Dimensions. Andrew even built Aquaman and his Watercraft vehicle. He did a very good job with it, too. Then Eva and Andrew helped me build some 3D-Motokits. We opened the Dinosaur and the Elephant ones. We decided to donate the other two to Christmas is for kids. They were fun to build. #ProductProvided