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  • Skinny Ms.

    4-Minutes to work your abs! 4-minute Belly Fat Blaster to get ready for your big Day! #abworkout #weightloss #WeddingReady

  • Jairo Turcotte

    5-Minute Workout to Reshape Your Body (shown on Dr. Oz #Workout Exercises #physical exercise|

  • ChrisEvert

    5 minutes workout

  • Ivy Van Dusseldorp

    5-Minute Workout to Reshape Your Body. Most workout videos I have do these (score!).

  • Kelly S.

    5-minute Workout to Reshape Your Body from Jorge Cruise as seen on Dr. Oz

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I am currently doing Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure diet, so these exercises he's doing with Dr. Oz intriqued me. I will begin using them in my workout times beginning tomorrow.

5-Minute Workout to Reshape Your Body Fitness expert Jorge Cruise and Dr. Oz designed this 5-minute workout to transform your body. By committing for just 5 minutes a day, you can burn fat and calories

Dr. Oz's 7-Day Belly Workout

Jorge Cruise's 5-Minute Workout

5-MINUTE METABOLISM-BOOSTING WORKOUT by Geralyn Coopershmith | The Dr. Oz Show: Research shows you need to alternate aerobics and anaerobics (when really push yourself to point of being out of breath) to rev metabolism up and use

Melt Belly Fat - Walk at Night People with belly fat are more likely to store sugar as fat. Since these 'hunter types' usually eat their biggest meal of the day at night, they need to get moving by taking a walk after dinner to lower blood sugar levels.

100 Foods Dr. Oz Wants In Your Shopping Cart

Dr. Oz's 7 day belly workout cheat sheet. just doing this excercise once isn't going to make a sudden miraculous change to your body but i've found that doing them on a regular basis has helped tone my stomach more. (despite by bad diet!)

Quick workout when i don't have enough time for a usual workout or run

Chris and Heidi Powell's 9-Minute Workout