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Suwanee Dental Care : Dental Implant systems usually have 3 parts - implant, abutment and crown.

“My dentist says I need a root canal. What are my options?” by OraWellness

Dental implants vs. dental bridge... So which will you choose?

If a tooth’s nerve is inflamed after repeated dental procedures, root canal treatment may be necessary to provide relief. Get more details about root canal treatment by clicking over to this infographic from a dentist in Des Moines.

OMG,after 9 root canals,crowns + countless appointments,this is what I think exactly. I'm (41yr old )getting dental implants nxt, better then being toothless : )

Don't Put Off That Filling! A small cavity today can be easily repaired with a low cost filling. If you wait the cavity grows larger and deeper and will eventually grow into the nerve causing you to spend a lot more money for a root canal and crown. If you cannot afford a root canal and a crown, then you will end up paying to have the tooth removed.

Before and After pictures of a dental implant. Patient was missing a single tooth.

Tooth decay can lead to inflammation, infection, and the need for a root canal treatment. Dentists often use dental crowns to give patients beautiful and natural-looking smiles following root canal therapy. Learn more about the benefits of dental crowns by checking out this image! Infographic source: Lake Worth Florida Dentist, health, Dr. Suarez