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Hanging monastary - China One of the world's treasures – often forgotten among so many others – this incredible temple clings to a sheer cliff face 246 feet off the ground. Located near Datong, China, the Hanging Temple of Hengshan was built 1,500 years ago. Read more at


World's coolest staircases

Heaven's Stairs - China

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Dreaming of the simple life? Try the village in the Netherlands with no roads (but you'll need a boat)

I want to go here! Giethoorn, Netherlands. The village with no roads. You take a boat to go to different places!

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Songjiang Hotel, Songjiang, Shanghai, China

Songjiang Hotel by Atkins

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Into the depths of the earth: Cave network in the heart of Vietnamese jungle is so large its end is yet to be found

This recently discovered cave in Vietnam is massive beyond description. An entire forest is growing inside! There are no words to describe the enormity, and beauty of this natural wonder. The Empire State Building will fit inside!

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Tip of the Week – The eight most important places in history

Great Wall of China, Beijing China. I will go back again. Such an amazing experience!