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Fastest Ways to Lose Thigh Fat

leg routine

Thigh Exercises.


Inner thigh workout (some people may never achieve a thigh gap because of there bone structure) so if you dont have a thigh gap thats okay c:

6 Moves for Slimmer Hips and Thighs: Sculpt your lower body while challenging your core and zapping fat

Shrink a Size in 14 Days.

Thinner thighs: 6 Moves to leaner legs

Seated Bent-Knee: Sit with your hands pressed on the floor besides your hips. Your elbows should be slightly bent but not locked. Bend your knees in towards your body. Keep your knees touching and your toes pointed while looking straight ahead. Then, lean slightly forward and contract your abdominals. Trace your toes on the floor and open your knees out to the sides, then draw your knees together until they touch. That’s one rep. Repeat this exercise 20 times.*This movement not only sculpts ...

Slimmer Thighs in 7 Days... More stuff to do at home

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Inner Thigh Workout: Criss-Cross. #workout #fitspiration #legs

get ready for shorts in one month with 7 moves. these are all moves in the Brazilian Butt Lift videos

Lean Thighs -- No Lunges ! #fitness #workout

"Shrink Your Belly in 14 Days" Stability Ball Workout