I am not your rolling wheels I am the highway. Chris Cornell

Foo Fighters

Jimmy Page Gibson

Kid Rock baby

Rock Stars aging timeline

Lenny Kravitz

Jimi Hendrix

Aerosmith- Steven Tyler

Chris Cornell

Steven Tyler

Rock N Roll

Dave Groehl. Rockstar!

Bob Dylan, American singer at his home.

Chris Cornell

The Beatles stand on the balcony of the St George Hotel, Wellington, shortly after their arrival in New Zealand on 21 June 1964 // from Alexander Turnbull Library

dave grohl--probably the coolest guy in the rock world today. Someone who actually cares about the quality of what he puts out into the world, with is sadly lacking with most musicians these days.

repin if you <3 rock n' roll!

Ozzy Osbourne #finetuned #rock #music

Pink Floyd. Wasn't David Gilmore kind of dreamy? #upintherighthandcorner