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paper pattern PAPER PATTERN A cool pattern design by Elijah Porter via vellum


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corian carved

Distance of Fog by studiogreenblue / moire pattern vis simple perforated metal screens

3d paper folding.

Adaptive Folding Structure

The Cement Polymer material is a strong and rigid material that can be fiber reinforced, resulting in a 3D printed material stronger than standard concrete. The drum below is 3D printed with Cement Polymer. Each panel is held in compression using binder-clips allowing quick assembly and disassembly.

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Brickworks (2010) // Chipboard // 0.40m x 0.40m x 0.40m (Module size) // Daniel Widrig

David Nash, Three Wall Colums, 2008


Facet space divider by 3form in collaboration with bloomming

A.M.O.S. DESIGN | Czech Selection

Scissors Confiscated by the TSA Welded into Spiders by Christopher Locke

Folding paper

Wearable Metal Origami

between the folds...

Raw Edges [mutina]_Folded