Lovely branches on her back


Birds Tattoo

need this tattoo. so minimal.

Dandelion And Birds Tattoos On Wrist

three little birds tattoo... i <3 the sentiment of this is, is it wrong that birds freak me out with their beady eyes and claws.

Focus on happy, focus on happy, focus on happy. These beautifully imperfect concentric circles make clear what you should be worried about - Happy! Focus on happy is sized to fit nicely on your wrist area to so that it serves as a quickie, friendly reminder of what's important. Sheet size: 3" x 3"

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Two Birds

I long to get a tattoo on my wrist, but unfortunately my future career wouldn't be too accepting. However, this one is lovely.

bird back tattoo.

birds tattoo designs

A lovely scripted infinity symbol: | 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Wrist Tattoos

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I don't normally like the bird ones, but this is a great idea for friends/sister

This would be so cool! and if you got a red dot tattooed on the locations of where you travel? Perfect!

Birds tattoo

Brooklyn designer @Tina Roth Eisenberg worked with a group of talented designers to create "TATTLY," a fun set of 'designy' temporary tattoos!

Bird tattoos