summer cicadas by Teagan White



Black drawing 6

Goliath Beetles insect art print - Two life size giant beetles green gold white art. $13.00, via Etsy.


Sarah Giannobile

Book pages, birds on wires

Used paper art from Olivia Jeffries.

Entomologist's Wish

Pink Flowering Gum by Teva

Constellations on Tatiana Print.

Items similar to 8x10 Inch Insect Illustration Art Print on Etsy

Cicada drawing.

The real beatles ;o)-

Sacred Bee......Amanda Clark

BUTTERFLIES recycled book page art print - an upcycled antique dictionary page with a retooled antique insect illustration - home decor

Dane lovett

Australian insects (1907)

Botanical – Fruit – Mangosteen

Shield Bugs, Art Cushman