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  • Becky Aguirre

    a tutorial on how to clean out light bulbs. useful for all those light bulb crafts.

  • Eva

    How to empty a lightbulb for Lightbulb craft projects

  • Cherry Pie and Roses

    How to hollow out and clean a light bulb - for DIY projects.

  • Flá Sozzi

    How to clean out a light bulb for craft projects

  • Heather Ferguson

    Want to clean out that lightbulb for ALL THE PROJECTS?! (Lightbulb project by John Kittelsrud, via Flickr)

  • Nena Huss

    How to clean out a light bulb for a vase or something

  • Angelique

    DIY Hollow out a light bulb - How to empty and clean a lamp - reuse for other projects - by John Kittelsrud,

  • Crystal Ashley

    How-to: clean out light bulbs for all those craft ideas...

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How to empty out and clean a light bulb to use as a vase or candle holder.

Finally! Been looking for a tutorial on how to hollow out a light bulb.

Mind the sharp bits of glass in the socket when doing this. If you have some stubborn bits inside of it that you can’t get to with this technique you can fill the bulb with a little salt and shake it about. this should scour the powder off the walls.

Wonderful, creative light bulb ideas ♥.

32 things you should be cleaning...but aren't. I usually clean the parts of my vacuum, but I never have put it in the dishwasher. Will definitely try next time I take it apart for a cleaning! :)