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  • Ana Jackson

    Little Wishes in a Jar: "As You Wish" Dandelion Necklace ($23.00) - measures 2" x 0.5" & chain is 24-26" long - by Early Bright; Take Flight Collection || TIP: feel free to uncork the bottle & make a wish || Beyond Beyond; ... #AsYouWish; #BeautyAndTheBeast; #BridesmaidsGift; #Dandelions; #Disney; #Gift; #FairytaleWedding; #ILOVETHIS; #Jewelry; #MakeAWish; #Signage; #ThePrincessBride; #WeddingFavor ... May ALL your wishes come true fellow pinners/friends! - Rachel ♥

  • Hazel Fortier

    Dandelion Seeds Handmade Make a Wish Bottle Jar Necklace Jewelry Jewellery

  • Nancy Bulmer

    Apothecary Bottle Necklace (with dandelion seeds) ~ I put dandelion seeds in a small jar two months ago and they still look just as feathery and fresh!! Works.

  • Colleen Switzer-Zimmermann

    cute idea for a baby gift - bottle of wishes. collect milkweed or dandelion seeds and find glass bottles for them - holds dreams and wishes for sweet baby

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Idea for charm necklace: Note the lobster claw at the front for an attachment. Good way to use orphan beads and to create interchangeable drop charms.

This is really gorgeous. $245.00, via Etsy. Lovely composition

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Cute, but there must be something you could use for the tealight holder that doesn't require drilling?

'Morning Rain' necklace by Rebecca Sower. Rebecca's collage/assemblage creations are wonderful - be they jewelry or fabric.

Pretty altered art bottles made up with vintage papers, lace and jewels

Wish Bottle -- this is pretty and "inspiring". What if next birthday, a petition paper were placed inside a pretty corked bottle, decorated and prepared with a few drops of appropriate oils and herbs, etc. Then when making a wish, and blowing out the candles some of the lingering smoke could captured and corked into the bottle. It could be kept until the wish either comes true or shifts into a different wish. This same concept could work anytime, not just a birthday.

The ultimate painted glass bottle. Note the instructions are just above the bottle at the site.

Hanini long necklace - long gold turquiose layering necklace, delicate gold boho necklace, long glass bead necklace, maui, hawaii

anyone know where to find these lil jars?? michael's maybe?

vintage thimbles, beads, buttons, baubles and fibers...