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    OMG yes, every time

    3y Saved to Humor Me
    • Marie Siever-Patey

      LOL so true, ask Shawn! I saw an old man fall off a curb on his scooter once...the rest of my day was a write off.

    • Shannyn Hall

      I make up a really sad life story for that old man telling how he got to the point of being forced to eat alone. It's the reason I don't eat alone, so no one makes up unfortunate tales of my loneliness.

    • Kellie Jean

      Totally agree. And it seriously has to be an old man. Old women just don't break my heart as much. Don't know why.

    • Karina Mechling

      Cute Old Man #Funny, #Funny-eCards, #Memes

    • Ashley Ulicsni

      We had an old man that came into the restaurant I worked at in college alone every single Sunday after a movie. I asked him one day why he came? and he said, "This was a tradition I had with my wife and I still do it because it was something she loved and it makes me feel like she's still with me." I, of course, cried and each week greeted him with a smile and "their table." It's a reminder that true love never dies.

    • Crystal Buxton

      Honestly. My boyfriend says I have a "weird thing with old men" because I LOVE them

    • Ashley Voeks

      This made me laugh... but I feel really heartbroken when any person eats alone.

    • Laura-Anne Scrabeck

      yesss haha old men get to me sometime ahahha...

    • Eden Michelle

      So true!! That is my life right there!!

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