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Ocean lovers everywhere, we are at crisis point. The top predator species in the food chain of our oceans is being hunted to extinction. Some shark specie populations are estimated to have declined by over 99% since the 1970′s! This great chart shows the shocking truth of shark population declines since the 1970s.

shark finning needs to be stopped.

Stop shark finning! Educate yourself: www.greenpeace.or...

What is shark finning and why should you care? See what we're doing to stop this cruel practice: www.humanesociety...

hammerhead shark no fins Horrible. This is what happens for the purveyors of "shark fin soups" -fishermen cut off the fins while the shark is alive, throw it back in the ocean, where they soon drown. A waste, and why many sharks are endangered.

this poor animal need are help not are hate! say no to finning and shark fin soup save the shark!!

houseoffallingleaves: getthefuckoutrightnow: luxembourg: mothmilk: (via karokarokaromon)

this is disgusting ! ! stop shark finning ! !

40 million sharks are slaughtered every year, finned and thrown back into the water to die.

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