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I Love YOU!!! Out of billions of people, there is no one like YOU!!! I wish U were snuggled in my arms!!! I want to hold U so tight! I hope U are ok!! Drives me crazy when you're not! I Miss YOU!! Dang I Do!!!!!!!***

  The book truly out done the movie with Mike Myers.  Nonetheless...this is a great quote from a man who wrote about half the books I read as a young child.  If only more books could be written with such great morals. Never stop reading the PRINTED word.

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Thought I Knew Happy Print 8x10

love those rare, special moments when a person, a moment, an "a-ha!" make this reality these are moments that only you need to know about no one else

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Personal stylist. Image consultant. Interior Designer. Independent Fashion Blogger. Based out of Nashville, TN. This is a storyboard of my personal style aesthetic. To enlarge images click on the heart in the left corner of photo. To view more images...

God knows all the things that have happened - He was the One Who heard your first word, saw you take your first step... He was the One Who saw your heartbreak when you weren't picked at school - or when you were picked on. God saw. He was always there :).