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texture!! I got this lesson from and just had to make them with my 5th graders! The main focuss was on texture. I put out boxes of stuff and the kids had a great time stacking their sandwich items. First, we made the table cloth and plate. Next, we added the bun which is made from torn up cardboard, so that the ridges show. Then they had to fill the space between the buns! The kids had to be reminded that the items had to look like a food item. They couldn't…

This is a an art lesson plan for little kids where students draw their emotions and mount them in a strip of 4...a little like a photo strip of silly faces.

Perspective lesson. @Michelle Hamous - maybe to add to the sketchbook list for those who get through city street quickly?

Texture, balance and variety were elements students concentrated on as they created this collage of a big sandwich!