Artist: Albrecht Durer Completion Date: 1506 Style: Northern Renaissance Genre: animal painting Material: paper Gallery: Albertina, Vienna, Austria

Owl art, owl painting, owl watercolor painting- Owl art- Spotted Owl -large print after original watercolor by amberalexander on Etsy

Owl art, owl painting, owl watercolor painting- Owl art- Spotted Owl -large print after original watercolor by amberalexander on Etsy

owls ~ artist?

When I drew my inkscape circle owl yesterday I drew it while looking at this painting I did but was yet to scan. This is the real owl drawing, which was created based on some illustrations of owls .


Owl- always love you! The Owl ORIGINAL watercolor painting by WaysideBoutique. If only I could master watercolor like this

Albrecht Dürer ‘Three Studies of a Tree Bullfinch‘ 1543.

Albrecht Dürer ~ Three Studies of a Tree Bullfinch, 1543 Do a bird/insect/animal study using 3 different angles.


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Beetle by Albrect Durer

A Stag Beetle by Albrecht Dürer. Dürer was one of the first renaissance artists to include and give centre stage to insects in his paintings; previously insects were usually used as symbols rather.

Hare (or Field Rabbit), by Albrecht Durer.

Hare (or Field Rabbit) by Albrecht Durer Albrecht Dürer, 21 May 1471 to 6 April was a painter, engraver, printmaker, theorist and mathematician from Nuremberg / Germany . love all his drawings

Vie Dunn-Harr-Галерея работ О художнице +18 Promise of Good Fortune Within Zephyr A Vine in Tangerine Garden of Visage Golden Princess Jana's Magnolias in the Garden of Hunsicker Nature's Offering Reflections of the Wind Entangled Beauty Strands of Paradise A Tapestry for…

Vie-Dunn-Harr found her artistic expression slowly, yet deliberately, and continues to explore the many possibilities in the arts. Her flower painting

뒤러, < Rhinoceros > --- 사실주의 화가인 뒤러는 목판화를 통해 코뿔소의 모습을 사실적이고, 자세한 묘사를 통해 표현하였다. 당시 신기한 동물로 여겨져 사람들의 관심을 받았던 코뿔소를 뒤러는 소문으로만 듣고 귀동냥으로만 얻은 정보들을 모아 이 작품을 완성해내었는데, 실제 코뿔소의 모습과는 확연히 달랐지만 너무나 사실적으로 표현해내어 사람들은 뒤러가 그린 그림을 진실이라고 믿었고, 뒤러의 코뿔소는 하나의 ‘교범’으로 여겨졌다. 뒤러는 코뿔소의 몸과 철갑을 정교한 기하학적 패턴을 그려 넣어 정교하게 그려내었다.

Albrecht Durer The Rhinoceros, , British Museum, London. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of The Rhinoceros by Albrecht Durer.

Albrecht Dürer, Hands on ArtStack #albrecht-durer #art

Albrecht Durer Study of Hands, , Blasius Collection, Braunschweig. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of Study of Hands by Albrecht Durer.

Impresionante cuadro hecho con spaguettis tintados de colores. Todos los cuadros presentados están en perfecta armonía respecto a las gamas cromáticas. De esta forma, el primer cuadro presenta colores completamente mezclados, en el segundo siguiendo el orden del arcoiris, en el cuarto el artista juega con las texturas poniendo los spaguettis más juntos....

"The Jealous Curator States: "I am jealous of Spanish artist Joan Saló. Her untitled series using pen on canvas is stunning, breathtaking, and leaves me wondering ‘How long did that take her!’"" Oh my gosh, this is pen on canvas?