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  • Hindi Wegard

    Blue gorgeous elephant tattoo | › Tattoo Designs / Ink-Works Gallery › Tattoo Designs / Ink Works / Body Arts Gallery

  • Becca Morgan

    henna inspired elephant tattoo

  • Sara Ingle

    While I don't see myself getting a tattoo, they are elephants... 50 Coolest Elephant Tattoos Ideas For Girls | Ink Tattoo Art

  • Amy MacNeill

    50 Coolest Elephant Tattoos Ideas For Girls. Love elephants and must do one tat of one, must have trunk UP!

  • Josiane Hettinger

    Elephant #tattoo patterns #tattoo design #tattoo|

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Sue Jeiven| -s3xy- I love this, I love the sheep horns and the mystical or magical feel about this tattoo. -

...omg I love this. My grandma used to draw this lady all the time for me when I was little!♥

Want this over my heart. Lindsey Herring will u have the key? ❤️

This is my 6th tattoo. I got it in memory of my 4 great grandmothers. I grew up with all 4 of them and they all died within a year of each other (when i was 22).  The sparrows always return to the same location when the migrate. In addition, once they find a mate they always keep them. As a maritime/sailing tradition it symbolizes that no matter how far a sailor travels, they will return home and be faithful. This tattoo is by Wes Schulz at DreamsCollide in Lancaster, PA

Like the idea of no black lines - not sure if it would work with my current tats though...

I want the design of my tattoo going from the top of my wrist up to the tip of my finger

why, suddenly, am I so drawn to the idea of a tattoo? I hate the thought of being the middle-aged-woman-getting-her-first-tattoo cliche

Love the look of this tattoo! Not sure if I could get it myself though.

Tatoo Art Fest 2010 seen on dprezat´s flickr-- Great inspiration for Zentangles.