The less you own...

Simplify, simplify, simplify...

Live a minimalist life!

Words To Live By...Simplicity - need to LIVE by this quote for sure & remind him more!

LESS IS MORE - Quote Inspiration Simple Things In Life


Simplify, simplify!

Doesnt stop me worrying about someone I love whos ill though :-( xxx More No Worry, Remember This, No Looks Back Quotes, So True, Truths, DonT Worry, Things, Living, Inspiration Quotes So true, but I can never remember this when I need to. Dont worry.. Cos every little thing will be alright inspirational quotes no worry good words to live by. i need to remember this.

When I think I've decluttered enough, there's always more that I don't need, use, or love that can go.

words to live by

remember this

It is What it is...<3. This is my Dad's favorite saying and it has carried me through my life. . . : )

I attempt to live this out

So true.


There comes a time in one's life that this becomes truth and to recognize this changes your life.