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African wild dog

Beautiful dogs.

The African Wild Dog (Lycaon Pictus) is an amazing animal that has been pushed to the brink of extinction by the encroachment of man upon their vast habitats. The memoirs of Karen Blixen (Out of Africa) tell tales about pack of over 400 dogs roaming the plains of Kenya - none are seen there regularly anymore. This photo was taken in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, one of the last strongholds of this species.

African Wild Dog

African Painted Dogs Riley's family @Jesse Roman

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African wild dog pups......gorgeous

LOVE Rotties!!! I used to breed them....they are magnificent animals! I don't breed anymore but I hope to always have a Rottie in my life

African Wild Dog

Striped Hyena

"Say cheese" Spotted hyaena cub ~ By Chris Gamel

African Wild Dog and Pup

Indian Wild Dog

cool Snow leopard!!!!!!! :) here to find out more

The dhole, also called Asiatic wild dog or Indian wild dog, south and southeast Asia

Fennec Fox