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Suit and hat

Recently for men, styles are changing. It is not longer about being the preppy fraternity guy that girls love. Today, it is more about the more rough looking, long hair hipsters with the man bun. Men today are started to go more towards these styles but still dressing with a bit of preppies mixed into the laid back, cool look.

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Men's Style.

Shades of gray

simplicity / men style

U-Lock Holster

Cosy layers

Feliciano López y sus Novias

El Burgués Autumn/Winter 2013

"Je Grimpe Donc Je Suis" French for "I Climb Therefore I Am" Surrounded by King of the Mountain polka dots. This tee is perfect if you love to climb or know someone who does. People might think you're crazy for getting excited when you know there's climbs included in your ride, but I believe it's one of the best things about cycling. | Perfect pressie for my husband who's recovering from a bad crash in a race...

Public Opinion ‘Bike’ Silk Woven Tie

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Perfection all around. #men #style #mensfashion

The perfect skinny jeans, if I could wear skinny jeans, that is!

Men's fashion. Handsome man in trench coat with dog.

Harmonica Cufflinks that actually play!

Love this Qoute