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Another kind of decoy


Oh my gosh. I laughed sooooo hard, cause here in Australia 000 is a phone number!!!!!

Thank you God for making Gingers a beautiful child of your making!! It was not easy to have red hair with other little girls teasing you all the time... Redheads or now Gingers are pretty dang cool! :) My bestie Gianna gets teased ALOT and since j really don't know a lot about red heads, cause I am blonde, I learn a lot from her and I a so happy she is in my life! AMEN!!!!🙏

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Hahaha too true


Things that cats kind of look like

omg so funny !

It should say payday and the rest of the month.

Love for animals, anti hunt


Good Guy Cat. Yes, and I as a cat in very good standing say " If you can't appreciate the heartfelt gift of a freshly killed rodent, you should praise and thank him for sharing a great meal. " He looks like my bro Stamuf. Now that cat was one great guy.

well this is awkward

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love Sheldon!

deer? what deer?

My friend found this in her aunt's attic - Imgur

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