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Berndnaut Smilde’s cloud installations: By regulating temperature and humidity, Smilde creates, contains and captures real clouds that in turn activates the diverse interiors occupied by the transient creations.

An art installation in the Philadelphia Museum of Art made up of thousands of black paper butterflies (or are they moths?), entitled Black Cloud by the artist Carlos Amorales.

Surrealism meets real objects. This cup of water looks bigger than the rain cloud that looks smaller and Photo Shopped. I like how the cup seems to being filled up by the rain water. Natural water to the glass of water?

Beautiful color bomb. #gypsy05 #color #bomb #smoke #upinsmoke

clouds #clouds #pale #surreal #surrealism #dream #art #photography

I totally want to do this some day!! Put it on my bucket list!!! GLITTER PARTY= 16th, 17th, or 178th bday

Ok, so not a book, but love the mood this evokes.