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misclassified staff as freelancers to dodge taxes

Being a volunteer changed my life.  If it weren't for Special Olympics I wouldn't be who I am today.

Special Olympics provides sports training and athletic competition to one million people with intellectual disabilities. Read biographies of athletes and coaches, read news articles

"Do you see it yet? Many times when you are in crisis, you feel as if all your hopes and dreams are gone. Like the wife of Phinehas, everything in you simply wants to quit. Some of you have even been tempted to curse the precious new thing God is doing in your life. If this is where you are today, this is no time for you to give into despair."

The 'Women in the Scriptures' challenge: as you study the scriptures (Bible/Book of Mormon/Pearl of Great Price) mark or make a note of all the references to named/unnamed women and what impresses you about them. --> Love this idea!

When asked what they DIDN’T do — what activities they missed out on — in order to protect themselves, women I surveyed answered:

29 Things Women Avoid Doing Because We Fear For Our Safety

29 Things Women Avoid Doing Because We Fear For Our Safety Things Men Do

'Today's feminism ... aims to include all women, keeping in mind that women face different problems based on their race.'

What is feminism, really? This comic sums it up well.

I didn't truly understand what being a feminist meant until I started feeling the unfair effects of a male-dominated society myself. What is feminism, really? This comic sums it up well.

"I'm Pro Choice and Shit...A different yet entertaining approach for the pro-choice argument..

Angry Men, Searching Men—and What They Can Learn From Girls and Queers

Staying Catholic Beyond Confirmation-Great article. with suggestions for parents!!!

"But above all, I also know that the Lord remembers me." The Integrated Catholic Life™ - A Catholic e-Magazine about Integrating Faith, Family & Work

Activists ‘Feel the Bern?’  "First, some people said that the disruption had caused the movement to lose their support. This seemed strange and extreme to me. How fragile must your support for black lives have been if a rally’s disruption caused it to crumble? "For these young activists, it’s not ideological but existential; ... their very bodies are marked and threatened with destruction."

Activists ‘Feel the Bern?’

Reading Books Is Fundamental: a beautiful love letter to the practice of reading from NYT columnist Charles Blow.