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Sign of the easily fooled & the voluntarily ignorant

Was the 2012 Election Stolen? PROOF of over 30% voter fraud across the USA, not including military ballots being ignored. Read it and weep.

Presidential Executive Orders--Obama far exceeds any other president - hmm

Obama signs 'Monsanto Protection Act' written by Monsanto-sponsored senator -- BAD NEWS!

Sign of the easily fooled



George Washington

Proud American

What????...U.S. Gun Control Laws are IDENTICAL....word for word....IDENTICAL....to the HITLER NAZI gun control laws. Don't be FOOLED by the national socialists who have overthrown the U.S. Government!

I'll never understand the liberal mentality



If you are not awake to Obama after this, you are catatonic. Pay attention to what's happening people!!!!



This is the home of the brave, not home of the lame.

.The Great Destroyer

~Unknown (most often attributed to Thomas Jefferson). Great quote regardless.

Economically illiterate