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The Cherry Blossom festival in Washington D.C.

in bloom

Cherry River, Virginia or West Virginia - beautiful in any case (unsure of location because different pinners provided different specifics)

reflective tree from Brazil

cherry blossoms!

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Japanese cherry blossom garden--stunning. | Via Lori Rocks

Most Beautiful Tree Species | The jacaranda tree has manyspecies, but the most common andpopular is ...

Cherry Blossom

cherry blossoms


Cherry blossoms

just breathtaking

Pink Trees

trees trees

Cherry Blossom Walk, Washington D.C.

Wonderful Cherry Blossom Season ...I love the smell of cherry blossom...We had a cherry tree in our back yard and spring was the best time ..the blossoms were on the tree and in the rock garden below the tree that my dad made the tulips that would come up all around them were beautiful...they were all the tulips we would buy my mom for mothers day and Easter. Loved my childhood ;-)

Cherry Blossom Lake in Sakura, Japan.