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Paul Mccartney


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Leslie Cavendish was originally Jane Asher’s hairdresser. One day she invited him to come do Paul’s hair. Cavendish agreed and visited Paul at his home. Afterwards Paul played him some rough demos for the Sgt. Pepper album. Paul liked the way Cavendish was able to make his hair look long even when it was short by layering it.

A beautiful photo (~1970) of Beatles singer Paul McCartney spending quality time taking photos of his beloved baby girl, Stella. I just love how much he looks like he adores her. Just think if every little girl had a father who truly adored them -- it would make all the difference in the world in their lives.

"Oooo, that guy's cute!" - Heather "You mean Paul from The Beatles...????" - Tiffany "Oh..." - Heather

Paul isn't dead... Don't believe what you've heard. He's just old. <-- I went to his concert in Seattle last year. it was SO great!!!!

Wizard, I found the picture of Pauly that's going to kill me when I'm old.

A-hem! I can't help noticing that Paul has rather large feet. :)