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Because we are classy when it comes to tea time.

Slut Bitch Whore teaset by trixiedelicious on Etsy. My must have new tea cups!

best baby shower card ever...I would pee my pants laughing if I got this...

best baby shower card ever.I would pee my pants laughing if I got this. Best baby shower joke ever

Highly inappropriate. But hilarious. And when people asked about my mug I'd be like, "Oh, I'm an alumni of the University of Northern Texas. No worries." So bad.

Jazz up your kitchen with this awesome Cunt Coffee Mug. Let your 'Cunt' friends use this mug.


I often tease my youngest son that I’ve poisoned some food or drink that he wants badly… maybe I should get these as proof. :) Poison & Toxic Painted Teacup and Saucer by TheVintageParlor

Although most men (especially those over the age or 40) don't want to admit it, this coffee or tea mug pretty much captures their situation in life. Technicam notitia (the technical bits) - Mug holds

Stud Muffin Coffee or Tea Mug

Just laughed so hard.

News you can use: The Starbucks Trenta cup can hold an entire bottle of wine. And although the Starbucks Trenta cup technically holds more liquid than the average human stomach, I know for a fact…

Sleeping bag and pillow :)

Sleeping bag and pillow.who doesn't want a sleeping bag that looks like a fucking condom?

Apologies for the language, but...I seriously just cried from laughing so hard

As a female, YES.

Best "congrats on the new baby" card ever.

Funniest Ways to Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant

Congratulations on making a human with your genitals. Perfect for new parents who appreciate funny baby cards & their private parts. If Torres has children, she's getting this card.

I saw a little gi... | Whisper - Share, Express, Meet

Funny pictures about We're definitely doomed. Oh, and cool pics about We're definitely doomed. Also, We're definitely doomed.